torsdag 14. august 2014

Detail numbering, callouts and dynamo. (And changing to english..)

Ok, so I am not perfectly fluent in english, but I will try the best I can from here on.

The reason for changing to english is of course enabling others to read my blog as well as the norwegian vikings.
So here goes..

I don't know the best workflow for giving names and numbers to callouts in Revit. It has been up for discussion over the years and we've landed a sort of "manual labor" way of doing it.

Something like this:

1. Create callout
2. Name the callout manually with a prefix and a serial number. For instance "HD 1", (Horizontal Detail number 1)
3. Put callout on sheet. Callout gets a detail number (which is sheet specific)
4. Manually update the detail number to match the view name...
5. Tada.. View name and detail number now match.

However, this is tedious and uncomfortably timeconsuming, especially on larger projects.

so without changing to much of the workflow, what can we use to automate a little bit?..

Well, dynamo of course:

Here's step 2 in the workflow automated to change all views containing "Callout" (Which is default naming convention i Revit) One problem I haven't figured out yet is how to run this multiple times when adding callouts and get the definitions to start from the last generated number. Let me know if you have suggestions!

For various reasons I have chosen to split step 2 and 4, but I think they could be in the same definition without problem.

So step 4: Here I have a definition that use many of the same nodes as the one in step nr 2(I tried making it a custom node, but then it crashed dynamo hard..), but this one gets all the view names and writes it to the detail number parameter. Keep in mind that you must place the callouts on sheet before doing this.

So now we've at least automated it a bit.

However I got this feeling that others out there have better workflows even without dynamo, so don't be shy and share if you care! :)

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