mandag 14. oktober 2019

BILT EUR 2019: VP in Infrastructure lab materials

I know all your twitter feeds are full of it and you're probably sick and tired of it all, but I'm gonna say it one more time... BILT Europe is a really good conference.
And I've said it before, BILT is one of the best events for actually getting to know people and share good knowledge with each other at the same time. Thank you the the entire committee for everything you do, it's inspiring!
As an example it is not that often that Bad Monkeys Australia gets to meet up with Bad Monkeys Norway :)

So, in that spirit, here is all the materials for my lab this year. Download it and have a look. Some of you will find it easy, others a natural step up. Hopefully, it can provide you with some value.


tirsdag 16. oktober 2018

BILT EUR 2018: Computational Thinking In Infrastructure Projects: Why, What And How

Ok, so as formerly stated, this blog isn't the most updated as of lately. I stay hopeful that it will change at some time in the future. Sonner rather than later. In the mean time feel free to download my handout and files from this years BILT EUR event in Ljubljana.



Feel free to use whatever! Thanks also to all the people that I met and to all the great sessions at the conference. BILT is fantastic.

onsdag 2. mai 2018

Dynamo and FME: We Need To Go Deeper

FME is a integration plattform for translation of data from a HUGE number of sources. Look at this list of compatible readers and writers:!

Safe software which makes FME has recently developed a addin for Dynamo as well, where you can read geometry and data using FME's .NET api.

Quick setup:
1. You must have Dynamo for Revit, version 1.3.2 or newer
2. FME 2018.0 or newer must be installed and licensed.
3. Install the ImportFromFME package from the package manager

The way it works:
1. Navigate to your program files folder and find the FME folder
2. Open this little program:

3. Click on "Create FME Reader Connection" and specify the datasource.
4. Click OK and copy the Connection Parameters string you'll recieve. consider this the recipe for the FME .NET connection you'll do in Dynamo.

5. Fire up Dynamo and specify a log file location and paste the string you copied and use either of the two nodes like this:

Brilliant! :)