torsdag 20. august 2015

Dynamo and Network Arch bridges

Dynamo and network arch bridges goes together like.. uhh. well, like Dynamo and network arch bridges!

Network Arch bridges is known for being pretty optimal when it comes to material usage due to its elements being mainly subjected to axial forces. To add to the awesomeness it was developed by a Norwegian engineer called Per Tveit during the 50s!

Not going to share the script unfortunately, it's way too messy and therefore not very educational.
Still I want to show all bridge designers that Dynamo is a force to be reckoned with. Move the geometry over in Robot as well and run Optimo to find optimal hanger placement, width top vs bottom. Tempted to say it's revolutionary!

In Revit:
(not yet a optimal hanger placement it seems..)

Spaghetti-Script overview:

Tested it quickly in Infraworks as well:

Gif of flexing in real time:

So long.

fredag 7. august 2015

Ammo: Which sheets are my elements on?

Thanks to Magne Ganz at Multiconsult which brought up the following challenge: "When showing an IFC-model on site is it possible to click an element and see what sheets it is on?" (Freely translated..)

Well, the first and most obvious answer is: Use Navisworks. They got functionality which can let you do this, and it works pretty well I must say. Check it out here

But, what if we want this as a parameter in the Revit elements themselves, to be exported to IFC?

Dynamo on the shining knight comes riding again.

First of all create a project parameter (or use a shared parameter) of your choice and select the element categories for which you want to generate a "OnSheet" parameter.

This is not the prettiest of scripts, but it will do the trick. (Also, other than the mere practical use of a definition like this, you get a study in list management..) I've got a feeling this can be consolidated some more, and I'll make a edit to the post if I find out. I'll probably go ask the community.

EDIT: Again thanks to Dimitar Venkov we have a more concise method using a code block definition. It is worth paying attention to how this useful script iterates over the sheets and accumulate the text parameter as it goes. Beautiful designscripting from the bulgarian Dynamo master! :)

Result in Revit: 

The only hitch here is that it will be processing all elements in all the views you select, so it may be a bit slow. Tests I've done indicate that it can deal with a rather large number of elements a fairly short amount of time, but still no guaranties on my part if you run it on your largest project!!
The final SetParameter node will also go yellow as it threats all elements in view, but only the elements in the categories we selected for the project parameter will be written to.

The custom packages necessary:
- Clockwork by Andreas Dieckmann
- Elements in view(s) by Marc Tavenier
- Archi-lab by Konrad Sobon

Here is the script: SCRIPT

Suggestions for tweaks will be met with gratitude!