fredag 24. juni 2016

Ammo: "Hidden Commands" in Design Script

I'm naturally curious and you kinda have to be to figure your way into the mysterious language of DesignScript. Not so long ago a forum post by Dimitar Venkov sparked my interest as to where to find these commands that are no where to be found. So I asked him, and he guided me to this place in the Dynamo Core. After some tests you can see some of my more useful findings below.

onsdag 22. juni 2016

Star Wars API and Dynamo

It turns out that having a second kid kinda ruin the amount of time one can spend on writing blogs, so here's a short summer-nerd-fest-post from me! :)

Step by step:
1. Luke Johnson posted this: 
2. Somebody oughta do it..
3. Headed over to this gentleman
4. Voila! Head in to the package manager and search for "Swapi"! :)
(Ps. there is an example script in the extra folder.)


turns out R5-D4 is just 1 cm higher than R2-D2. Who would have known..

Have a nice holiday everybody!