tirsdag 7. juli 2015

Dynamo 0.8.1 released, Summer vacation next..

So two things are up, summer vacation and Dynamo 0.8.1. Both are equally colorful and awesome. At least the last one mentioned. With 0.8.1, Dynamo gets some new features, read all about it here, among them the ability to give color to geometry. So why not use Dynamo for what it was meant to be: A colorized thermometer?

The idea came from the one and only Håvard Vasshaug. So a big shout out goes to him for getting me hooked on things that are somewhat.. unpragmatic. If you want, bookmark it under the "Because-we-can"-category..

But as Norwegians we're not always blessed with the best water temperatures and therefore we should be warned in our native software when water temperatures will peak the next few days, obviously..

So what do we need?
1. A meteorological institute with open data API: http://api.met.no/
2. Dynamo (goes without saying)
3. Three additional packages from the package manager: "Luncbox" and its XML parsers from Nathan Miller and Case,  the "UI ++" from Adam Sheather. (You don't actually need the UI++, but it's awesome!) and optionally the "Dynamo text" package from the father himself, Ian Keough.


And the rather messy definition:
Should probably have cleaned it up a bit, but ain't got the time, it's off for summer..

So long!

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