tirsdag 16. juni 2015

Ammo: Some tips and tricks

So this time I'm more of a curator rather than creative innovator. As I've ever been such.. Just a small number of odd tips and tricks I've picked up lately from the forum or elsewhere.

Getting shared coordinates for further use in Dynamo
The easisest way to get coordinates for use in Dynamo is to access the project base point. Then you can add it to an Element.Location or whatever.

 Improved Object to String
Python strikes again in this python version of Object to String. The advantage you ask? You don't get as many trailing zeroes.

Calling functions with multiple outputs in codeblocks:
Now, this one has buggered me for some time, how do you call a function that have two outputs in Dynamo? Take the List.FilterByBooleanMask for instance. Once again Dimitar Venkov provides the solution.

Speaking of Dimitar, I wanna mention the awesome forum that we are so privileged to be a part of. There are many pioneers and helpful souls on the forum, but there are two who deserves particular mentioning for the shear number of replies. Thanks once again for the incredible work you're doing, Dimitar and Andreas!

So, ending in a rather unpragmatic way. Here's how to check Dimitar's and Andreas' replies and topics stats on the forum! :) set the definition to run periodically and you'll always be up to date.. 

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