torsdag 18. desember 2014

Practical Dynamo: Embedded rock bolts and coordinates to excel

Some colleagues of mine at the company I work for had a very interesting project with a treatment plant for wastewater inside a mountainhall recently. They had a quite interesting workflow using Civil 3D for the rock excavation and Revit for modelling the internal infrastructure.
However they came across a challenge when the contractor requested coordinates for all the rock bolts in the project. And not only the starting point but also the point where the bolt would enter the rock surface.
The challenge ended up out of house and was solved by a third party developer. I do not know how much time they needed and for what cost, but what I know is that if the problem would have come across now, it could have been solved using Dynamo.

"But of course you would." freely after James Bond

The following version was up and running in about three hours and should do the job quite well. It utilizes a generic face based family with an extruded solid and a length parameter. In addition to the extruded solid it is important that the family include a model line which have the same constraints as the solid. This is because we want the direction the face based family is pointing in dynamo.

I've also added the ability to extend the rock bolts to the rock surface with an embedded depth.

RMBD: (Revit Model Before Dynamo..)
First half of the script:

Second half:

RMEDAD: (Revit Model, Excel and Dynamo After Dynamo..)

And a little Screencast in poor english as usual! :)

PS! If you're in dire need of christmas spirit and you haven't heard it yet, here is some top level music for ya'll: White Christmas from the awesome Ben Goh.

Happy holidays, everybody!

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