mandag 1. desember 2014

Hardscape on Topography: The ancient Revit problem

So I'm not at all envious at the guys at AU 2014 hacking away at Dynamo. Or maybe a little.. Maybe even a little too much.. But what can a man do?
Well, he can hack away at Dynamo anyway.

This time I will give the age old problem with hardscape following topo a go.. Or is it a problem??

Just the other day I discovered Marcello Sgambelluris post about how to get a hardscape elements to follow a topo: The Revit Complex and the AU session about the same thing (google it!). 
I found it very interesting, and it's a beautiful workaround solution using dwg export and import to get a wall to follow a topo.

Quite inpired  by the post, with Dynamo being all it is and my recent post about piles in mind, I felt that it had to be some other way using Dynamo.

For this post I focused on a fenceline. 

What I ended up with was a solution where you model your fence line with model line elements, each as long as between two posts, using a two-point adaptive family as the fence family and then with some Dynamo magic (Not to be confused with the illusionist) you get a fenceline following your topo.

the family in use here is just a fence "rig" and you could always make a more detailed family, but I think it shows the trick! :)

Before, with Site plan, 3d-view and two-point fence family
The script
Codeblock version

so with the topo and model lines selected we get this:


and here is a little screencast for you all: (CAUTION! Bad english, bad mic and nasal accent.. ;) )

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  1. Hei! Prøvde dette på et prosjekt med existing og new toposurface, men fikk krasj i Dynamo som resultat. Prøvde å lage en enkel topo og fikk det til der..

  2. dersom du sletter alle nodene bortsett fra de som har med topografi til surface konverteringen, får du fortsatt krasj da?

  3. Awesome job, Jostein. Works like a charm :-). Thx for sharing.

  4. If good fences make good neighbors, the world is getting much more neighborly.cyclone fence

  5. Hi. I'm trying to use this but the output from points.project is null. Any ideas why?

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