mandag 1. desember 2014

Hardscape on Topography: The ancient Revit problem

So I'm not at all envious at the guys at AU 2014 hacking away at Dynamo. Or maybe a little.. Maybe even a little too much.. But what can a man do?
Well, he can hack away at Dynamo anyway.

This time I will give the age old problem with hardscape following topo a go.. Or is it a problem??

Just the other day I discovered Marcello Sgambelluris post about how to get a hardscape elements to follow a topo: The Revit Complex and the AU session about the same thing (google it!). 
I found it very interesting, and it's a beautiful workaround solution using dwg export and import to get a wall to follow a topo.

Quite inpired  by the post, with Dynamo being all it is and my recent post about piles in mind, I felt that it had to be some other way using Dynamo.

For this post I focused on a fenceline. 

What I ended up with was a solution where you model your fence line with model line elements, each as long as between two posts, using a two-point adaptive family as the fence family and then with some Dynamo magic (Not to be confused with the illusionist) you get a fenceline following your topo.

the family in use here is just a fence "rig" and you could always make a more detailed family, but I think it shows the trick! :)

Before, with Site plan, 3d-view and two-point fence family
The script
Codeblock version

so with the topo and model lines selected we get this:


and here is a little screencast for you all: (CAUTION! Bad english, bad mic and nasal accent.. ;) )

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  1. Hei! Prøvde dette på et prosjekt med existing og new toposurface, men fikk krasj i Dynamo som resultat. Prøvde å lage en enkel topo og fikk det til der..

  2. dersom du sletter alle nodene bortsett fra de som har med topografi til surface konverteringen, får du fortsatt krasj da?