mandag 1. september 2014

List.FilterByBooleanMask and Boundingbox

This week I would like to look deeper into a earlier post where I described the List.Filter and List.Map functions.  (In Norwegian)

One of the things I mentioned in that post was to have the possibility of checking whether a point is within a bounding box or not.

So here it is:

The nodes in the upper part of the definition are the bounding box workflow. The bounding box is a simple geometry defined by cornerpoints, but can possibly be rooms or any other kind of geometry.

In the bottom you can see a similar workflow for extracting a list of points that are within two Y-values.
(Notice the &&-operator that means that both conditions must be met to be true in filter list.)

So as you can see the List.FilterByBooleanMask is a quite powerful node!

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