fredag 7. april 2017

Ammo: Excavations with Revit and Dynamo

First of all: Dynamo 1.3 is out! Information found here:

So to the subject of the day: Revit and topographical volumes is no good, right? Well, I can tend to agree on that point..
Sure Revit does calculate net fill/cut etc etc, sure you have possibilities in Site Designer and other addins and sure - you really should use Civil 3D.. Right tool for the right job and so on.
If you however are as me you will need from time to time to accomodate these things in Revit.

A typical workflow we find ourselves in as a structural engineer on small to medium sized projects is that the contractor or our customer wants us to produce an excavation plan something along the lines of this:
Now this is quite often manual labour and we really want to accomodate this in a much better manner.
I've spent some time investegating the possibilities in Dynamo regarding creating solids of these volumes. What we want is a more efficient way to produce the drawings and in addition we want to extract the total volume excavated.

Now why haven't we been able to do this? The reason is sloped excavations. How do we create a solid that are "correct" when presented on a drawing or that calculate the volume we want it? It really has to do with how the internal offsetting of curves are done in Dynamo. You see the offsetting in Dynamo is not that good, unfortunately, but recently I found a little and hidden package called DynamoClipper. See here for a little comparison on how the two methods for offsetting works differently:

Now, suddenly, it works the way we expect it to, so here is a little example:

The Revit model (before any scriptrunning)
The script:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Running the script:

And of course, the results:

A solid with correct levels, slopes, corner cuts. All ready to place spot elevations, do dimensions etc.
Not all together finished, but we've gotten a long way.

Packages needed:
- Clockwork
- Springs
- DynamoClipper

Revit test file:

Dynamo script:

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the post.
    somehow i can't make the graph work in your sample revit model.

    Extracting bottom curve.
    is not picking up anything.
    I had reinstall the packages that you stated in the post but in vain.

  2. Hi Alvin, Sorry for the very late reply. Been away for Easter holidays.
    Have you selected something before you run the script? The Collector.CurrentSelection node picks up whatever you got selected when you run the script. You can replace the first nodes with all elements of category for instance if you only got structural foundations you want to "excavate" for.

  3. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

    1. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  4. This is really impressive. THank You Jostein!

  5. Hello! i am having some issues "to select the solid (excavation) directly by clicking" after i restart / reopen the .rvt file. At first the solid was created in revit, and could be selected, now after i restarted / reopened the file i could not select the created volumes/solids. the solid is visible, but it can only be selected from the project browser - select all instances.

  6. I had tried to get this working, there is some fundamental problem that I cannot debug. Springs.Collector.CurrentSelection shows Empty list. It seems to point that Springs is to blame. I tried all newest versions, revit 2019 and Revit 2016 with dynamo 1.2 installed.