torsdag 17. september 2015

Firefly, Arduino and Dynamo

Firefly has been around for a while for Grasshopper but now it's all set for Dynamo as well! Now, the world of Arduino is coming to the Dynamites again!

- Download the Arduino software here:
- Download the Firefly Firmata (Arduino sketch) here:
- Open Arduino software and find the Firefly Firmata sketch (will be in your sketch folder) and upload to the Arduino board itself. Please note which serial port your board are connected to!
-Download the Firefly package from Dynamo package manager
- Run the node "Arduino.OpenPort" with the serial port number as an integer input. Don't worry 'bout the Baud-rate, it is set to match the Firefly Firmata sketch.

Aaaand fire it up! Just test the different nodes and use your imagination!

Since my library of Arduino tools, potentiometers and LED's is not that big yet, I'll just post a video where you can see my first test in Dynamo:

Should have been called Fireflynamo, though..

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