lørdag 18. april 2015

3D Grids in Revit using Dynamo

Go have a search for "Viewing grid lines in 3d view" over at Autodesk knowledge network and you'll get, and I quote the solution: "Currently, you cannot display grid lines in a 3D view."

Well spank my ass and call me Sally..

But until we can do this in native Revit, lets give Dynamo a go shall we?

One could probably expand this definition by optimizing text placement, setting letter sizes according to view scales, adding grid bubbles and whatnot. The only thing I've added is the possibility to choose which level the model curve grids are placed at. For me that's enough.

A little screencast with no lyrics or chatter for your viewing pleasure.

EDIT: Here's a version were you can choose whether the definition will make grids at all levels or just one.

the definition

3 kommentarer:

  1. Can you provide the package for the Level.Plane node?

  2. Sorry for the late reply, the Level.Plane node is from the Clockwork package. this is a must have for everybody using Dynamo :)

  3. it appears that in the 1.0 version of dynamo the Text. code has been changed. Options are ModelText but that does not work