lørdag 8. november 2014

Extend pile length to topo, almost...

Soooo, this problem have circulated for some time, and most probably somebody have solved it. But I haven't seen anyone solve it elegantly yet. Alas, neither shall I..

The situation:
- I have a pile family, in this case an adaptive one set with a standard length.
- I have a topo that represents the bedrock based on contractors data
- I want the piles to magically attach to topo.

Is this really to much too ask?

Well, it seems to be. The issue is in the Point.Project node in dynamo which won't take a topography for a geometry. Stupid node.. (Or stupid me for not understanding what to put in the node..)

This is basically how i wanted the definition to look like:

And this is what I ended up with:

And here you can clearly see, as my teacher used to say when one couldn't see nothing clearly, that the definition only works when the topography consists of nothing but closable polycurves.. not good enough.

So this post is really a plea for getting topography or a mesh derived from topography to work in the Point.Project node. Pretty please, almighty programmers?

However, when the topo does consists of closable polycurves it works pretty good. I've tried with 115 piles and you can see the response time here:

If someone have solved this in dynamo, I'll pay you with one bottle worth of local beer sent by mail for the solution.

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